Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

The last bit of colour has been touched up, the veils lifted, the props removed and the space positively sparkles. No longer is three a crowd as we leave history and the past behind and welcome back the traditional twin columns.

Many thanks goes to the photographer/designer extraordinaire, the mother for harassing the photographer/designer extraordinaire and of course the star of the day, Teddy Theodore for sacrificing a good part of his day-dreaming time to model for the lovely header.

So pop the champagne, pass around the hors d'oeuvre, take a spin around, gush, sigh, or if you must, cringe. Welcome a new look and brace yourself for more posts on a more regular basis from now on...hopefully .This slice of the web has received a much needed facelift, so kick back your shoes, lie back, relax and take it all in because today we're celebrating !

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