Friday, May 01, 2009

Love Letter

My darling,

I remember the first time I was introduced to you, I learnt that 1 apple plus 2 apples equals 3 apples. 17 years have passed since that day and it's been 17 years since we've walked hand in hand. As the years passed and as my maturity ripened, you introduced me to more of your friends, in hopes that we would form a closer more intimate relationship.

As much as you matter in my life, I sometimes wonder how deep is my love for you. I would say it borders on superficial, for as much as you make me think things I would otherwise never have dreamt of, you also annoy and irritate me to no end. I really have a problem with your friends you see. Right now, I don't really care what Newton or Raphson have to say about iterative methods, neither do I light up when Leibnitz shows me his magic approach to differentiating integrals. As much as Cauchy has to share about simplyfying complex solutions, having him double team with Reimann doesn't exactly make my day nor does it lighten my workload. The men have TOO much to share really.

As interesting as maximizing capacity sounds, my head spins when Lagrange chooses to share his Multiplying methods. You see, the only thing I would love to multiply right now is time and of course, my bank account. Although the Power method is phenomenal, I think you should talk to my lovely friend the computer instead because he has a more powerful brain as compared to the likes of me.

I'm really just a shallow, vapid girl parading in the glamourous robes of a scholar. I care naught for important vector theories since the only curl I'm familiar with is to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and the only gradient that piques my interest is the slope of my high heels. Stoke's theorems should really stoke the dying embers of my flame of passion but like Green's theorems, they turn me an unsightly shade of green.

As honoured as I am to be mingling with bigheads and wiseheads who have dedicated their lives to making addition and subtraction much more complex than the type my kindergarten teacher deluded me with, I am FATIGUED. I apologize profusely for my clandestine affair with the TV and my many books, but for the sake of our 17 years together please do not fail me this May. I still do keep your words and teachings in mind everday. That is, when it pertains to store discounts on my shoes, movies and books.

P.s : This is a love letter. It really is! It's your friends I have a problem with.

Lots of love,
Your 'biggest, greatest' fan


Zhen Yuan said...

*Lost amongst all those theorems* Hated the Cauchy-Riemann tag team, though sounded 'catchy'. Glad to know you love maths :P :P :P :P

And no worries bout D224 la. You can observer in recent years the questions were gradually becoming easier.

bearspeak said...

Gambate darling. When you are in a relationship with it for 17 years, you will do well this May !

Anonymous said...

You and your love affair with maths..

Anyway, since your friends are wishing you best of luck, here's some good luck wishes from me too! =)

Take care,

Joanna said...

Zhen Yuan : Aww, I love maths only as much as you :P

I sure hope you're right there and it gets manageable when it reaches my turn

Bearspeak : Thankies :D Shall keep me fingers crossed.

Jared : Ah yes, my very own affair to remember...

Haha, thanks :)