Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I walk the streets by day,
Infuse subconscious minds by night,
On trains, trams, a busy highway,
Exert my best to prove my might

I'll open my own doors I say,
God gave me arms too you know,
My share of the bill I insist to pay
Times have changed it's good to know

Such a petty word they call my name,
So innocuous my laugh is harsh,
It's men I seek to tame,
His dominion I just might squash

Murderer of chivalry and gallantry,
Me of all they accuse,
At my feet lay not blame, do not even try
You are your own sorry excuse

To the old and young I preach,
Let not their rights be breached,
Them I long to teach,
Sadly only the young and mouldable I've reached

Sexual harassment,
I invented the word,
To salve my girls' predicament,
That their voices shall slay like the sword

I stand not the bigot and misogynist,
Ever will I be the optimist,
My girls I train never be the pessimist,
I am many things but they call me feminist.

1 comment:

Alexandra Wong said...

Hey Joanne, stopping by to say a long-overdue thank you :)

I'm not much different from you. Prior to doing the assignment, I never paused long enough to admire the architecture either. Talk about hiding in plain sight!

BTW I love your love letter. "A shallow, vapid girl parading in the glamourous robes of a scholar", eh?

I beg to differ ;)