Friday, January 27, 2006


Right now, I'm smackdashed in the middle of watching American Idol 5 auditions. But, I'm ever determined to blog today for the simple reason that my blog's pretty pathetic and not that it'll make much of a difference but adding one more inny binny post goes miles in soothing my conscience.Not that anyone's reading this anyway.

It's the commercials now and I'm back. Wow, I just heard this really good girl sing! I didn't catch her name though. :P I wasn't really paying attention until she started singing and holly molly, sweet music! My brother of course picked on the fact that her mum's a vocal coach so yada yada but i don't care, she sings like an angel !

Anyway, I'm feeling a wee bit ticked off today. As usual 'toe' came in today and started picking on me, for no reason at all! Urrgh i so hate it when people do that.And i hate it when people don't know when to shut their gaping mouths! Heck,you don't need to comment anything to prove you're not mute! That is exactly why I hold dear to this policy of mine. Shut up unless whatever you're gonna say will make a distinct difference. If not, just shut up ! The journey of life's great banquet sure is a discovery of different tastes. You have sweet moments, bittersweet moments and those not so rare fire ain't hot enough moments.Today,I had a good taste of life's sourness. Whatever it is, I thank god soon this whole thing is going to be nothing but a fraction of the past. Muahaha, it does give me supreme satisfaction that this is nothing but a measly stepping stone in my life. And 'toe' isn't going to have any idea what i'm talking about anyway. I know I'm not making any sense but i've gotta let off some fumes before i erupt like some long pent up volcanoe.

By the way, i made a fool of myself....again today. Why does that always happen to me? For all the difference it would make I might as well wear this big sign "Kick Me" as I parade around. But anyway, I'm so hating 'toe' right now. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

Okay,enough steaming for today. My apologies to anyone reading this post.

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Lisa said...

Don't be so hard on yourself :)