Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Calling

At last, the procrastinator in me has chosen to take a break, so here i am, jotting down my thoughts, musings,dreams, and observations from a mediocre's point of view.

Well, today's my off day, so yeah, i get a much much wanted break from counting money everyday.Heck, who would have thought that a job having a daily affair with the cash register could get so taxing eh? But, trust me, after a month of having to hear the dear beloved cash register sing it's ka-ching tune every other minute, you get seriously irked! If you don't get what i'm crapping about here, good for you ! It means that unlike me, you, are still very much on the sane side of the world.

Okay, enough crapping there, the main 'theme' of today's debut post on my very virgin blog would be how important it is to be polite to other people, namely waitresses..*ahem* and well, people who generally serve you. If you don't already know, I'm working part-time as a cashier cum waitress cum table-cleaner cum dishwasher at this local deli somewhere near home. Pretty much a jack of all trades kinda job where i gain much needed 'experiences' and of course the uber much more important priority....CASH! Yea, so instead of rotting away at home, getting fatter, killing my brain in front of the computer, i went out and seeked a job.

So, on to the topic of politeness. I find it very very revolting when someone speaks rudely to anyone for that matter. Sadly to say, many people don't have the haziest bit of an idea why the words please and thank you were created. The phrase 'ordering your food' is taken literally and that's exactly what this mules do! They order the person serving them, whistling annoyingly and hurrying people along as if they haven't got more than a milisecond to spare! And it's ironic how we take extreme pride in our 'budaya timur' when in actual fact I don't see much of a reason to take pride in this revolting predilection to conveniently forget your manners when foreigners who visit portray manners and politeness miles and miles more pleasant.And it simply does not make sense that every morning we hear on the radio, "Be courteous, be polite and give someone a smile" or something like that when evidently a majority of the population don't pay much attention to what's on the radio...Yea, the radio's just a silence-filler,nothing more... Forgive me if i've ruffled any feathers but that's just how i feel. My family thinks i'm an excellent example of a proud peacock when i convey my feelings to them.....What do you think?

For lack of something much more interesting to post and since my fingers can't stop it's maddened jig, forgive me if i've veered onto the more insane, not-making-much-sense side. Right now, i'm torn between the choice of wanting to cut my hair and the sudden sentimental feeling i get at the thought of losing my hard to get frizzy 'long' hair.And besides that, my dear brother kindly pointed out that chopping my hair off is only going to make my already moon-round face look rounder....sigh...decisions, decisions.:P But no matter, i have other things lined up on today's agenda. I plan to draw something,then go out and generally do nothing that needs my brain !

Okay, guess thats' all for now. If you've actually finished reading this post, well, bless your soul..
Signing out,

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by.vinay said...

if u are really 18.. for a kid of your age!.. u have some mature thoughts!..

:) keep wondering.. you are on a good path..

(see if u can find time to read this.. a 20pg thing) http://thoreau.eserver.org/lifewout.html