Thursday, January 26, 2006


It sure is amazing how fast a day passes and before you know it...voila! Dawn turns into dusk. Today, I sat down and pondered upon the events of the day. Judging from today's post title, my day sure wasn't filled with agendas that will sure as hell grant me a ticket into the gleaming world of socialites. But either way, i sure got some inspiration sitting in front of ye old idiot box.

I was watching Malaysia's Most Beautiful and my mum and i were arguing over the qualities and of course 'surface' beauty of the final two contestants. Evidently, we didn't see eye to eye and me, being the ever 'immature' teenager around stomped out of the room and went on to brood in the next room. One of the perks of watching tv alone is you get loads of time to do your own thinking without someone screaming out a comment right into your ears. But then again, it sure wasn't satisfying voicing out your own comment when the only thing to hear you would be the loyal four walls. Well, i digress.

What would i define as beauty? I think that beauty lies in the heart most of all. I've always been a firm believer that you are who you want other people to think of you as. Beauty lies in kindness and goodwill. I mean, have you ever met someone, a stranger and you are inexplicably drawn towards him/her? I believe in beauty that radiates from the inside. And it isn't because I'm partial towards other seemingly common looking person just because i'm no great beauty myself. I do confess that i appreciate a pretty face and i am guilty of drooling over the occasional cute guy. But hey, I am after all a girl and a girl's got the liberty to drool over cute guys. Which girl doesn't? :P That's one of my favourite pastimes when working gets boring. My friend and I scout around but sadly, so far, we haven't come across a feast bountiful enough to brag about.

Well, enough crap done for today. I'm running late for my date with my pillow. And urggh, I've got work tomorrow. Sigh, you never really know what hard earned money really means until you get a real good taste of it. No, make that a huge big mouth-shutting chunk of it.

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