Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We live in a world 
where the things that used to make sense 
no longer apply

It is a world
that feeds fear instead of love 
kindles anger instead of goodwill 

It is a world 
with a hundred dark shades of grey
and glimpses of white get swallowed into obscurity 

It is a world 
where girls carry pepper sprays and personal alarms 
instead of light hearted steps and clear minds 

It is a world 
where children are expected to act adult
and adults yearn for lost childhoods 

A world 
with blurred spectrums 
and colored lenses 

A world 
where faith gets lost 
but in it all hope, hope continues to shine

Today's smile-inducer : Ploughing through the bad days, because they make the good days better. 


felthroughtheskies said...

Hi, just driving by :)
Lovely blog you have there, hehee.I like motivational quotes too.shall visit here frequently to get inspire :D

felthroughtheskies said...

Oh yeah,in case you are wondering.I'm Felicia from french ;p

Elin said...

How true!

Joanna said...

Felicia : Hi !! :) Pleasure to have you drive by. Haha.
Elin : True eh. Oh well :)