Saturday, July 07, 2012

Alone time

Today's smile-inducer : Time alone. Perhaps it's just me, but there are days when I crave for non-human company. These are the days when the world around you seems to buzz with activity, and you get this sense that you're viewing everything from a third person's perspective because you're so detached from it all. Today was one of those days, and I'm blessed with the luxury of cocooning up in my room with a good book, a bunch of grapes and a bowl of nuts. Sometimes spending time alone is heavenly. Yes, I'm a narcissistic introvert. 

Hope your weekend's going on swimmingly !  

I've been trying to introduce her to the love of words, but Daisy Moo seems to only have her eye on food, sweet daughter of mine. Just you and me, baby :) 


Elin said...

Wow....this is heavenly! I wish I could cocoon myself and have my own space at times too :) With a bowl of grapes and a bowl of nuts...talking of which I must toast some soon :p

p/s glad that you are enjoying your weekend with a book and nuts and grapes!

Joanna said...

:p ... yeap. Just lock away everything else and focus on the now. Best way to spend a lazy Saturday ... :P

Small Kucing said...

Hey! I have read that book before. A friend loan me. Very good book :)

I think he bought it from Payless Books Warehouse sale

Joanna said...

Yeap ! It's a good book and easy read, although it wasn't as 'light' as I thought it would be :P ... I got it from some stall selling cheap books in Uni during a fair ... not that cheap at RM 20 ... but I've been looking for this for some time :)