Sunday, January 15, 2012

iBilik - Sublets Master !

Dragon dances, cherry blossoms and an over indulgence in snacks and goodies marks the end of a year in the chinese calender and the festive welcoming of a brand new year. It also marks the busiest time of the year as people journey back to their home towns to visit and spend quality time catching up with friends and family. The smell of cookies in the air, the crackle of firewords and the excited chatter or kin fill the air with a sense of celebration and jovialty.

This year’s been a pretty hectic one for me and it is with a pretty heavy heart that I have to stay back in my lab and put in extra hours to catch up with work. The good news is that my mum’s coming up and spending a glorious week with me here. It’s going to be so much fun driving her around the city, partaking of the many wonders and delicacies that KL has to offer.

I’ve been looking around for a room for the both of us to lodge in during her short stay here. Thankfully, someone told me about iBilik, which is a wonderful online service to help in locating rooms for rent and places to stay either for a short term or long term basis. The site’s really easy to navigate around and I’m pretty thankful that it’s helped me narrow down available places to lodge in and various other sublets available around the city. Travelling around the city is going to be so much more convenient now that we’ve found an easy place that’s a stone’s throw away from the major attractions.

Life hasn’t been all work and no play. For the first time in a long while, a close friend of mine’s coming here to visit from Shanghai, so we’ve got a whole host of activities and fun planned out. It’s a good thing that I stumbled upon this website since it’s helped heaps in smoothing out our travel plans as we plan to visit other states as well. Searching for hotels during this peak season was no mean feat so it’s been a blessing and a great help. Suffice to say, I’ll be welcoming the dragon year playing tourist around the major attractions of the city, indulging in way too much good food and warm times. For the first time since I was a little kid, I’m terribly looking forward to this season of fun and festivities. 

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