Friday, April 23, 2010


First off, I've been rubbish at updating my blog(s) lately, so sorry for that, I seem to have been consumed by the evil time monster yet again .. I haven't been dropping comments much in other blogs either, but I've been reading all of yours :) just that waiting 5 minutes for each page to load thanks to the fantasticness that is Streamyx becomes a little of a turn off after a while ... :(

So, just a quick post to share a few ads that really tickled me, and kept me up for the better part of a night that was supposed to be dedicated to some quiet reading .. kids are just so hard to resist , regardless of levels of sweetness, obnoxiousness and ingenuity.

Hehe, this is a scream !

Simply because this reminds me of my bro, when he was that age (and well, some things don't change :p ) hahaha.

I like this one best.

If we had commercials like this here, I wouldn't mind them so much. Although, commercials are the best times to get a snack, stretch, or in my case, a few pages read ... hmm... which one was your favorite ? 

Have a good weekend y'all. And Happy World Book Day !!


smallkucing said...

Happy Weekend to you too :)

dr 1/6 said...

happy world book day to you too! oh, i long to snuggle in bed and read a good novel. it's spring now, and the morning showers just tempt one to stay under covers, listen to the pitter patter and just laze. BUT have got about twenty textbooks to go through novels until august!

i loved the first commercial. hee. luckily none of my siblings were like that!

have a nice weekend jo =)

suituapui said...

I like sad, touching adverts, those that will make you cry - like the ones Yasmin Ahmad used to make.

Enjoy your weekend!

owl_order said...

i like the first one. i thought it was a candy ad at first, but in the end... it just got me rolling haha

chris_lim said...

that was hilarious.

Joanna said...

@Kathy : Thankies :)

@Sarah :
Ah, I love snuggling under the covers with a good book, a warm cup of tea and listen to the rain sing its melody..

Eeps ! Textbooks, like novels, keep you up all night minus all the fun! All the best with you exams and all...Look forward to August aite ? :)

Definitely. Yasmin Ahmad truly embodied the spirit of 1Malaysia way before the concept was even introduced..I love each and every one of her short films, movies and especially all her Petronas ads..

@Wen Qi :
LOL. I thought so too !! Was thinking "man, those have got to be really good candy !! " And then the last line came out ... *slaps forehead*

@Chris Lim:
Haha, hilarious ya? Thanks for dropping by :)