Friday, March 26, 2010

Slipping through my fingers

I have a question : Does anyone else out there find that time is just slipping away so quickly, so sneakily that you can never never catch up with it ? Oh , if only I could survive on 2 hours sleep (none at all would be better ... ) 

I had so many things lined up for this break of mine, but somehow things always turn out differently. Funny how you can plan all you want and the Big Guy up there goes ha ha ha. Not that I'm complaining because you have to do what you've gotta do, but I really miss quality time with my books, music and movies. :( 


suituapui said...

Ya...time does seem to fly by these days, probably because people have so many things to do - unlike those days when I was young! LOL!!!

owl_order said...

yeah well, i had quite a bit planned for summer 2009, but in the end it was still too short to do everything i wanted to do.

nevertheless, it was doubtlessly my most well-spent holiday ever. hope the same happens to you!

enjoy while it lasts!

Joanna said...

STP : hahaha .. I wonder if it's just bad time management or the fact that we're so 'ambitious' we take on too many things at once :P

WenQi : Haha. You engineered balancing robots for summer !! That's beyond something I'll ever accomplish :P hehe