Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's day

I'm sure more than half of the world knows what day it is today, and no, the answer is not Sunday. It's that day when we all thank the special person who usually stays in the background, but without him, a lot of things will be for naught.

This post will be a shoutout to my daddy. For the constant support he gives us. For the times he worried and the times he rejoiced. For the ups and down. For the memories of 'blanket ghosts', 'tunnels and tents' and waking up early in the morning for ladybug hunting. For the things he did and more.

Random memories that coloured my childhood:

  • Being very young and throwing a fit begging dad not to go to work in the morning.

  • Riding 'horseback' around the house.

  • Playdoh afternoons

  • Midnight feasts

  • Evenings in DR Park

  • Waiting for him to come back from being 'outstation' to show him the gap after I lost my first teeth at age six and a half, feeling all grown up.

  • Gummy bears and cola worms

  • Rojak and Cendol in the evening

  • The way he was the only one I allowed to pull out my shaky baby teeth believing he was the only one able to do it painlessly

  • Bullying sausages

Here's to you on this special day. Happy Daddy's Day. <3<3

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