Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Of Elephants and Late Nights

College life has been hectic! Maybe it's because I've been allowing my assignments to 'breed'. Anyway, I qualify as a panda right now. Sigh. Been sleeping late almost every night.

I went swimming yesterday. Spent 4 hours in the pool. Have I said I loved the water yet? I do. I love the feel of it, to be ensconced in it's blanket of comfort. Maybe it's the Cancerian in me. But there's just something that attracts me to it. Let's just call that fate. I never thought I'd be afraid to do anything concerned with the water. I was wrong.

We had plunging (diving) practise yesterday. You see, when I started learning swimming ages ago, I chickened out when it came to diving. It's really scary. At least for me. Anyway, I had to force myself to do it yesterday because there will be a lovely test awaiting me next Tuesday. I wouldn't like to think of the consequences if I fail this.

A friend taught me how to dive. Much to my chagrin, everytime I dived, it was like an elephant jumping into the pool. I always land in pancake style, with a loud 'smack' ! Trust me, it's as painful as it sounds. My abs are killing me now. The reason I landed in pancake style according to the experts is because I lack the guts to jump. I hesitate and just as I leave lovely solid ground, I panic and slam ! I become a splendid pancake.

Here's how it goes. You have to bend down close to 180 degrees, extend your arms up and over your ears, bend your knees, and plunge head down. It freaky because when you're in that position, you're looking into let's say close to 2 metres of deep blue water. It's worse if you're on the board. I'll be shaking inside and this guy's asking me to "Jump! Jump! Use your legs like spring and jump, come on, you have nothing to lose...." and smack ! in I slam. Sigh.

Ah well, I guess I can't say much anymore. I need to go practise some time soon. Wish me luck !

yours sincerely,
-Elephant Pancake-


Jarod said...

Elephant pancake? Sounds like an oxymoron. Anyway, swimming is good. As what my dear mother always say, better learn now before the flood waters come. As if it's gonna make any difference whether you can swim or not when KL starts to flood. Anyway, I've done my dream girl write up. Go read.

-[NJ]- said...

lol. diving is alright. haha.

Henry Yew said...

Hey, that's what happened when I first learnt how to dive! I never did learn diving properly until now! I'm much contented being able to swim breast-stroke and free-style. Other than that, such as diving... I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

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