Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wittle Little Bit of Life

I've got wi-fi connection in my room now ! Man, it's good to be back in touch with civilization. First week of college was something akin to hell for me. I couldn't get proper sleep(cos some smart senior decided to 'spice' up my hostel life by very 'helpfully' asking me and my roommate to 'take care' because there were 'visitors' on our floor, if you get my drift) and the food here tasted so bland I thought I would soon die of malnutrition or emaciation.

Anyway, things have smoothened out tremendously compared to that initial stage. The lecturers are loading us with assignments and projects. So, life can get pretty hectic sometimes. Especially when you think you don't have any assignments, decide to sort out your file and suddenly you see this nice, thick juicy stack of tutorial questions that are due tomorrow ! Then it'll be a panic,mad rush to hurry up and finish it. The next day, you'll be nodding off to sleep in the cozy,dimly-lit lecture halls. Then when the lecturer ends the lecture, you'll be thinking.."What did he say?" or, some lecturers are more effective than sleeping pills. No matter how hard you try to pay attention, your mind wanders, I'll be looking at him, telling myself "Pay attention,pay attention,pay attention" and then I'll spot somebody with a cool shirt or a weird hairstyle, and I'll nudge Kim and whisper and giggle.

Anyway, I came back from a CF meeting last night. Kim and I was walking back with a guy from the same hostel and the classroom blocks were rather dark already. I pointedly avoided looking in that direction when I realised the guy was looking at something. They say ignorance is bliss so I decided to let the matter drop and not bring the subject up, but....things didn't work that way. Suddenly the guy said.
" I saw something drop".
Kim and I went.." Really? we wanna know what you saw?"
The guy: " It was white"
Me: "'s a piece of paper. Nothing wan la"
Kim: " Maybe it's just a cat or something"
The guy: " I don't think so la, doesn't look like it"
Me: " Let's just walk faster"
The guy : " It looked like a bird......"
Me: " Ok, it's a bird..*nervous laugh* let's walk faster ya..."
The guy : " But it doesn't look like a bird...I think.."
To which Kim and I just sped up and walked faster.

So there you have it. I'm tired already. It's past 11pm and I've gotta get more shut eye. I hate it when the alarm rings. My alarm clock malfunctioned this morning, and when I looked at my watch, Kim and I panicked and started rushing. Forgot breakfast and all. Sigh. Wish mum was here. She's the alarm clock that never fails.

ps: I miss the idiot box !!!!


Henry Yew said...

Miss the TV huh? Hehe..... it's the same for me. I rarely got to watch the television, although there is one. More hooked up to the laptop and assignments. Haha...

-[NJ]- said...

That idiot box is at home, but I missed a few episodes of Prison Break, Ghost Whisperer, I nv watched any Chinese serials for at least 3 months(missed so many episodes of condor heroes. sob). Got tv oso no use. No time to watch. aih. My gwamp's so happy 'cos she has the remote control all by herself. lolx. anw c u around and keep in touch!

Fiona said...

It's so great to hear from you again. College life ain't easy. But one thing for sure, Jo can do it!! *oops* I think I am a cheerleader or something. Haha, forgive me. I have the tv here. How I wish I can post the interesting dramas and movies to your dreamland so that you can watch it before waking up for breakfast. =D

Joanna said...

Haha, yup, I do miss the tv, but now it's like out of sight, out of mind. lol. missing out on so many serials, I feel as if I've been isolated in the jungle for centuries or, i'm too dependant on the idiot box.

It's nice to hear from you guys! Sorry for the late reply ya.

Jarod said...

missed the tv? i actively and consciously terminated my astro. now my idiot box is just for display. yes, i'm out of my mind...