Monday, June 19, 2006

To a much loved lady

If a person you love is stolen from you, the way to keep that person living is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but true love lives on forever - The Crow

You are special.

You were always there for each and every one of your children, your grandchildren. A constant supporter and strong believer of each and every one of us.

You took every predicament in stride, a brave smile always never far away.

You are hero, mentor, mother, wife, grandmother. You excelled in being all.

You always thought of others before yourself. Putting their needs ahead of yours.

You coloured the lives of those around you and molded them to be better people.

You are gentleness and courage personified. You led each day patiently, making a difference to those you cared for.

You left an impact on the lives of many, an imprint in their souls, a signature on their hearts.

You’ll always be remembered, every gathering, every day. The hearts you touched and the stars and sun you represent in the lives of those who love you.

You found peace at last, away from the turbulent battles life handed out to you. It was a long battle but you emerged the Victor.

Poh poh, I know you’re with the Lord now. You’re a jewel with a heart of gold. A living testimony to everyone, you’ll continue living on in our memories.

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Jarod said...

That's very sweet. I'm sure ma ma, your poh poh is touched by it. Missed you at the service.

Your Cousin Kiat