Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The rest of your life is today

The sun glinted through the arches, casting off shards of sparkling reflections. The yellow of the floor, flanked by brilliant grey walls shone in vivid colour. Hues of blue, red, yellow all seemed to come alive, bristling in the crackling heat. It was a breathtaking sight, resplendent and glowing in natural light. 

The piercing ring of a phone woke her from her late afternoon reverie. Turning around to answer the call, she made a mental note to capture a picture of the scene. We all know how this story ends. Turning around, the sun had moved on, just as the seconds had crept by, growing up into large long minutes. All that was left was immortalized in her memory, enhanced by imagination, and brought to life in words again. 

Moments past.

We wait and wait for the rest of our lives to come strolling by, and so we spend today planning and planning for the future. We have a comprehensive report on what the rest of our lives are going to be and soon we let this vital reawakening slip past, this IS the rest of your life. The rest of your life, is today. 

Fun fair, Kajang
18 November 2012

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