Friday, February 03, 2012

Lock and Key

Note to self : 
Every lock has a key. If the search for the appropriate key fails, there's always the art of lock-picking, failing which there's always a sledgehammer, electric saw, and sheer indomitable will. 

Didn't come this far to allow small setbacks like this to tear me down. Definitely made of much stronger stuff. Try as they may to bring me down, they will never succeed. Not without my permission. Not in this life. 

Here's your challenge. Meet it ; or back off. 


dr1/6 said...

Don't ever give up. When the going gets tough, get your tough going!

Elin said...

Great post!!!

Becca@Locksmith Melbourne said...

I totally agree with that... the more we get on mistakes or negatives in this life, that's the right time to learn from it... To develop something good in you. Thanks for sharing this post!