Monday, October 17, 2011

Last one

I'm not a give-upper
But today I'm really really tired
of being 'strong'
of labels and expectations
and of feeling lonely in a crowd


dr1/6 said...

if this is the lowest of low, then the only way to go is up :)

cheer up jojo. these cycles occur over and over in life, and more than strength is takes dogged perseverance to keep calm and carry on.

this too shall pass.

here's hoping better days come your way.


Small Kucing said...

then let it loose tonight. Cry out your sorrow tonight and tomorrow is a bright new dAY

Elin said...

I will be seeing you this Friday...YAY! Cheer up...there is a celebration !!! LOL!

Joanna said...

Sarah :
Thanks sweetie :) I really appreciate these little notes you drop once in a ways

Kathy :
yeap. Bright new days indeed !

Mum :