Friday, April 15, 2011


Whilst I sit at my desk reading the morning's news, it's so easy to forget that in other parts of the world, people are going through strifes and tribulations that I cannot even begin to imagine. I admit to being spoilt terribly by peace in my home, and to have led a life filled with the love of people to whom I'm precious. 

This particular article makes my heart bleed so. There is no word to express the anger and indignation that's bubbling through the surface right now. Casting religion aside, what animal would ever touch a child ??? What more whip her to death ? It goes against every single grain of humanity. In cases like these, what happens to the guilty male ? He just runs off and escapes ? So somehow, he spreads wings and outruns an ENTIRE village of strong, healthy men.

The entire thing is so convoluted it makes one sick. Men preying on children. A whole committee of mush-brains meting out sadistic sentences. Helpless families at the mercy of laws that do not exist. Children who have no voices. The saddest part of it all is that Hena is only one of the many out there. There are many others who live lives haunted by the dark shadow of trauma, or who never live to tell their tale. Women who are so battered and bruised under the dominion of barbaric men, that they walk around as empty shells. 

Somewhere out there, a nameless face in the crowd longs for justice. 
Somewhere out there, a young girl thirsts for the chance at an education.
Somewhere out there, an orphaned child wonders what it feels like to be tucked in at night.
Somewhere out there, a child's protest is silenced by the stroke of a belt dealt by his intoxicated father. 

And all I manage to do is sit here, in my sheltered, cloistered life feeling half empty. Makes one ponder about priorities doesn't it ?


Small Kucing said...

memang barbaric.

suituapui said...

Yes, count our blessings always and pray for the less fortunate.