Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SAT Fever

Doing research as a day job at a University definitely has its perks and set backs. It's been great being able to be a part of a dynamic research team, and as frustrating as 'directionless' results may be at times, it is undeniable that the work itself is rewarding. 

Exams are around the corner for the undergrads and foundation students here. All this brings me back to the sweet sweet days of having to prepare for my pre-U exams. Looking back now, it all seems really bittersweet. The combination of late night ups, punctuated with the collective groans and moans of having to battle stacks of notes brings a smile now when I glance back at the past. How I wish I had ACT Tutoring to lighten the burden. Personalized tutoring does sound interesting ! 

It is undeniable that education plays an important part in our lives. Without a solid foundation, one may dream the dream, but lack the wings to fly... 

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