Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi all,

With head bowed low I guiltily apologize for the absence the past few weeks. Since stepping through the doorway to home, I've been having a jolly good time reacquainting myself with old flames, and a few new ones.

Anyway, here's part of what's been occupying my time the past two weeks...

It's the start of another year in the Chinese calender and as such I thought it only appropriate if I let it be known that I've decided to start another blog in addition to this one. I've christened it Wordy Candy. Like the name suggests, this one's gonna be all about books, things to do with books, words and print. I'll provide further details as refurbishments to this new slice of cyberspace gets done. I'll be doing more in depth 'reviews' of the books in my other blog some time in the near future.

Ooh last but certainly not least ....

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!

P.s : Is it only me but does anyone else out there think that CNY songs are nothing but gongs, cymbals, horrid off key singing, lyrics too centred on wealth and a bunch of NOISE ?!


reanaclaire said...

hi joanna, i m still in the midst of this Jodi book.. something like the Green Mile story in a way.. but more on religion ..

smallkucing said...

Gong Xi FattChai, Joanna

How's the Iris Chang's book? Nice ah? I am crazy about asian authors.

Have read the Tash Aw book. But havent get my hands on his latest book yet :(

owl_order said...

on the CNY songs -- they're meant to be that way. after all, noise is the only thing that scares off the Nian monster.

happy CNY to you too =D

Joanna said...

Reanaclaire : OOh, Jodi Picoult is really good !

Kathy : It's a historical narrative so it's really informative with little importance placed on plot, if any ... but it's a pretty educational read :)

Me neither :( ... saw the book when it was first released and was so tempted to get it ... maybe shall wait for BookXcess to get it :p

Wenqi : Haha .. reli?? Now I learn something new :P Happy CNY to you too

smallkucing said...

@Claire, u finished reading your Jodi book? so fast?