Monday, March 05, 2007


How fast time flies. My break is over. Alright, I shall not go into that area. Or that shall occupy an entirely new post. The Chinese New Year past by in a breeze. Thankfully. Maybe it's just some perverse nature in me but a part of me kinda detests festivals. They're just so draining and time consuming.

Anyway, for lack of something better to blog about, my head is now filled with visions of cute cute babies. My roomie has been filling me with stories of her very adorable nephew. All those cutesy stories are making me drool for babies to PLAY with. Ah yes, let me clarify. Other people's babies to play with. Weirdly, I have no desire to have babies of my own in the near future. I plan to enjoy at least another decade before embracing any maternal instincts. That is, if I have any :P

I'm currently wishing that at least someone in the family would get hitched soon and get babies :P Okay, this has been a dumb rambling post. A by-product of that thing called boredom.


Anonymous said...

Hinting something to someone? With a lampost out of the way sometime next year.... anything could happen... Bhua..ha..ha..ha..

mom said...

Jo: Thank God your feet is still on the ground..haha...get your degree first ya.* Wink **

Anon: Don't put ideas into her pretty head..hmmm what lamp-post? Spot-light more to it..kekeke.. She is hinting to YOU to give her nieces and nephews to PLAY with. She cant wait to be when are you going to make us Aunties le? ;P

Joanna said...

Anon: Haha,if I guessed your identity right then let's just say u've just reminded me of a very very viable candidate. *wink*